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Thermostat inserts

Simple, effective, and tried and tested millions of times over: thermostat inserts from Behr Thermot-tronik provide meticulous regulation of coolant circuits around the world up to approximately 20 m3/h, and ensure ideal operating temperatures in light vehicles, trucks, stationary engines, and also agricultural and construction machinery.

Housing thermostats
Complete thermostats for hose connection: unlike integral thermostats, housing thermostats already possess a housing with an optimally designed mixing chamber.

Map-controlled thermostats
The most intelligent way to control engine temperature: in the case of map-controlled thermostats, the cooling circuit is additionally regulated via the engine electronics. An electric thermal resistor is integrated into the wax material of the element, and is controlled via the engine management characteristics map. This enables two temperature levels to be maintained with one thermostat. The result: greater engine output and lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Thermal switches
The components open or close the circuit at a pre-defined coolant temperature, for example at a radiator fan, preventing the engine overheating in a stationary vehicle. We can supply you with thermal switches made to your specifications up to an operating voltage of 24 V.