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Iskra Group with over 60 years of tradition forms an important part of the Slovenian economy; most of all it is the vehicle of the Slovenian electrical and electronics industry, whose origins date to 1946. Throughout these six decades, Iskra has been guided by the belief that applying our own knowledge and experience and continually improving technological solutions and quality would enable us to achieve and maintain a competitive edge. From the very beginning, we have been successful in penetrating competitive global markets as the domestic market soon became too small for the huge manufacturing capacities of Iskra's factories.

Igniters types Fare produced with thread M14 x 1,25 and M18x 1,5mm. Central electrode is made of: NiCr5MnSi material with diameters fi 1,88, fi 2,2, fi 2,51and fi 3,2 mm. lnox X15Cr13 under DIN 17006 with diameters from 2-6 mm

Igniters types P are used for gas-stoves. Central electrode is made from NiCr5MnSi material with diameters fi 1,88, fi 2,22 and fi 2,51 mm