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Advanced MLS* technology: Overcoming challenges

Modern cylinder head gaskets must be able to perform with lower bolt force than in the past. At the same time, however, motor stiffness is decreasing and stud widths are shrinking. MLS technology is the right answer to these trends. As early as the 1990s, VICTOR REINZ was using MLS to develop suitable designs for the first direct-injection turbo diesel motors and supercharged Otto engines. And we have continued to improve on the designs every since that time..

Don’t let old bolts make a comeback!
VICTOR REINZ is also your supplier for original-quality cylinder head screws manufactured according to the specifications of each motor type. And of course they are always delivered in the protective packaging you expect. For a professional repair.

The quickest and easiest way – Just seal it!
Still using four, six, or even eight different sealing compounds? Not at VICTOR REINZ. Just two types cover every application on an engine, exhaust system, powertrain, and body: REINZOSIL and REINZOPLAST and the gasket remover RE-MOVE. No-one needs more sealing compounds than that!