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The damper is a component of the vehicle suspension system. The stability, comfort and safety are directly compromised if the dampers are not working properly. This is verified by the difficulty in controlling the vehicle when cornering, braking, wheel jumps uncontrolled and irregular or premature wear of tires and other suspension components. Therefore, it is important to periodically check the shock absorbers and other components of the suspension whenever the vehicle passes by a review..

To obtain an adequate compromising between vehicle confort and safety, COFAP built its own proving ground to test its products and suspension systems. With this, COFAP suspension systems will be designed and developed together with the customers with shorter lead-time. The COFAP shock absorbers and struts, with specific characteristics for each vehicle, are exhaustively tested by specialized personnel and under most severe conditions at COFAP proving ground as well as in the simulators at the Suspension Technological Reseach Center.


The Advanced technology on COFAPʼs Gas Charged Shock Absorbers assures its continuous performance, even at high temperature. The nitrogen in its interior prevents air bubbling in the hydraulic fluid and vaccum in the oil reservoir. Performance is always uniform, thus providing longer working life not only to the shock absorbers themselves, but also to the tyres. The result is maximum ground adherence, increasing the vehicleʼs stability on curves or sudden stops. Thanks to its automatic adjustment, COFAP “Gas Charged” Shock Absorbers show top performance in any kind of road condition.