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Spark Plugs with Platinum/Silver Electrodes

In case of multivalve technology, lean burn or direct injection, the flow conditions in the combustion chamber require reliable mixture ignition and optimal cold starting behaviour. BERU spark plugs were specially designed for these special requirements. Where the burn-off resistance and ignition reliability need to be very high, automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Peugeot and Porsche use BERU spark plugs with platinum electrodes.

Technical Features
Centre and, if required, ground electrodes made of special materials, for example silver for high thermal conductivity or platinum for extremely high resistance to erosion.

Automotive Lighting — the critical safety factor

Particularly during twilight conditions, at night and in poor weather conditions, lighting is a critical safety factor. For this reason, drivers should always make sure that their vehicle's lighting system is working properly. By changing to BERU automotive bulbs, owners of older vehicles also benefit from the latest light technology and improved illumination of the road. For this purpose, BERU Systems is offering a comprehensive range of automotive light bulbs.